What’s The Real Reason People Don’t Book Calls?

Turns out there’s a logical reason coaching prospects don't book calls - even when they say they want to. And fixing it doesn't require any follow up either.

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by Pat Sgro
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by Pat Sgro

What’s the biggest reason, the REAL reason why prospects don’t book calls? (even though they might say they want to)?

Today we’re going to uncover it and I’ll show how to fix it once and for all.

I’ll show you how to reverse-engineer your lead gen so that it brings you a higher percentage of call bookings from ideal prospects…

And I’ll show you how you can become so compelling to these ideal prospects that they will go ahead and book calls all by themself.

That’s right, no need to keep following up with people anymore.

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How Do You Get More Call Bookings Without Also Scaling Up The Work?

One of the biggest challenges you have as a coach when you first set out to enrol clients (who are not in your immediate sphere of influence) is getting prospects to book calls.

But with a bit of determination, you figure it out.

And it’s a great feeling because it represents a genuine accomplishment. You have the complete cycle working -- bringing someone from a stranger, to lead, to booked call, to enrolling them as a new client.

Then at some point, you decide that while a few new clients a month is fine, you’re ready for more.

So how do you get more call bookings without also scaling up the work you need to do?

That’s what we’re covering today.

Plus a bonus -- once we’ve uncovered the psychology around why people are going to want to book calls with you, I’m going to tell you how to do this in real life. And exactly where to put it in your lead generation strategy.

This isn’t tips and tricks. But if I do my job right then by the time you’ve read this you’ll have a clear understanding of why people aren’t booking calls as frequently as you’d like. And you’ll know how to fix it.

Let’s get into it.

The Real Reason They Don’t Book Calls

We’re ripping the bandaid off straight out of the gate. The number one biggest baddest most powerful reason why prospects don’t book calls with you -- even when they say they will -- is that they don’t believe you.

Could be any or all of the things:

  • They don’t believe you can actually help them
  • They don’t believe in your method
  • They don’t believe in your skills
  • They don’t believe the results you’re boasting about are possible for them

They simply don’t believe you.

And if you can accept this, you’re halfway there.

Because when you fix this, when you do the job right, you’ll be able to dissolve any disbelief your prospect might be struggling with, and empower them to make good moves for themself.

And in this case, it’s booking the damn call.


big oopsie coaches make with content

When coaches want more clients, they usually make content.

The mistake is creating the wrong content for the job.

Imagine opening a can of tomato soup with a rolling pin. It will take a lot of effort, and the results will be average.

It’s exactly the same with marketing -- there are different content types for different jobs.

In this article, we’re going to talk about a type of content that coaches can use to enrol new clients fast.

So they can:

  • Attract self-motivated prospects (not need to constantly follow up)
  • Take calls with people who are ready to enrol (not needing to sell on the call)
  • Learn why certain content does/doesn’t work (and spend less time making content)

Getting Coaching Clients Shouldn’t be Difficult

Getting 1-2 clients per month is surprisingly easy if you have some basic marketing assets in place.

Today we’re talking about a critical marketing asset that causes people to have moments of clarity -- and motivates them to book calls.

This article is part of the SCA Explainer Series (YouTube Playlist)

This series aims to organize and simplify the process of getting clients.

Today we'll look at the LEAD section of the client enrollment timeline.

SCA Client Enrolment Timeline ULM

The Problem With Content

As consumers, we have a basic understanding of what content is.

But as creators, most coaches have no idea of what content to create.

So they end up just creating whatever ‘feels’ right at the time.

This leads to all kinds of nonsense

  • Hours spent creating stuff that no one consumes
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Erosion of authority

Bottom line: Coaches usually create content that no one cares about, so it doesn't generate many new clients.

two types of Content Ideal For coaches

  1. Attention Getting
  2. Epiphany Triggering

Attention Getting content is useful for social, for strangers to discover you, and to get people engaged. This content type of content alone will rarely cause someone to become a client.

In fact, most of it is forgettable.

Epiphany Triggering Content is very different.

What Is Epiphany Triggering Content (ETC)?

Epiphany Triggering Content (ETC) speaks to ideal prospects who are in the 'consideration' stage of the buyer's journey.

  • To truly see the problem they're facing
  • Understand how the coach solves it

RESULT: Prospect experiences a genuine shift in thinking. Sometimes epiphanies come in the moment, sometimes later that night or the next day. With this clarity, motivation builds for the prospect to book a call to see if the coach can help them.

In short, ETC seeds curiosity and grows a desire to find out more.

Key Features of Epiphany Triggering Content (ETC)

It’s not designed to get attention. In fact, the more attention-grabbing, the more it will frustrate the prospect.

  • It contains answers to questions usually discussed on a sales/enrollment call, changing the nature of that call.
  • It's designed specifically for a prospect who's seeking solutions. Because of this, ideal prospects will binge it.


Don’t Be Fooled

  • A free training that teaches ‘the thing you coach’ is not ETC
  • Anything resembling corporate marketing is not ETC
  • Anything interesting to people who are NOT ideal clients is not ETC

What Good ETC Looks Like

Epiphany Triggering Content (ETC) is evergreen content.

That's because the coach (and offer), and the prospect (and their problem) don’t fundamentally change that much over time.

It can be in the form of

  • Long-form video
  • Series of short videos
  • Blog article series

The more we get away from ‘marketing’ to our prospects, and instead lean towards empowering them to make good decisions, the faster we’ll have businesses filled with ideal clients.

The ‘feeling’ ETC Gives Prospects

When consuming ETC the person should feel like they’re researching and learning -- because that’s what they are doing.

They do not need to be marketed to. They don’t need coaxing or prompting.

This process feels like discovery is happening. It feels good. It feels almost... fun.

We've all done this.

All of us have got a product or service in our thoughts, and 'picked up a thread' of something interesting about it, and followed it.

We've all found ourselves consuming content about it on our phones when we should be sleeping -- following curiosity, discovering, binging, pausing, thinking -- and filling in knowledge gaps.

This is the feeling ETC gives prospects.

Because they're enjoying the process of searching for information that might solve their problem.

What’s All This About Epiphanies?

There’s a reason why we deal with epiphanies.

See, when we are searching, we're open to receiving help.

And when the prospect has an epiphany, something clicks.

They finally ‘get’ how this could solve their problem. The logical next step is to inquire, to find out more.


If the prospect has these epiphanies before they book a call, there is nothing to have to "sell" once the call takes place.

It’s common for prospects to get on calls not in “should I buy?” mode, but rather in due diligence mode.

This environment promotes useful conversation. And if the prospect and coach decide to work together, this sets a foundation for a positive working relationship.

So What Are These Epiphanies?

ETC walks the prospect through epiphanies that are different for every coach, every offer, and in every industry.

But there is a basic format

  1. Problem Aware
  2. Solution Aware
  3. YOU Aware

[I talk about this more in the video version of this article here]

Where To Use Epiphany Triggering Content (ETC)

Primary: In your ULM If you're not sure what a ULM is, check it out here

Secondary: Themes can be extracted and turned into other content. Perfect for nurturing communities (people who are taking time to learn about you, ex: a FB group).

How ETC works with your ULM

The reason a Unique Lead Mechanism (ULM) works so well is that it automatically contains Epiphany Triggering Content.

  1. A person becomes aware of you
  2. They quickly discover your ULM
  3. ETC is provided
  4. Ideal prospect books call to learn if your solution can help^^ All within 1-24 hours ^^
  5. Your current enrolment/sales process does the rest.
Epiphany Trigger Content is a key component of the ULM
The example above is for the Client Enrollment Potential Calculator

Benefits of Developing Epiphany Triggering Content

  1. Enable rapid ‘Stranger to Client’
  2. Ideal clients self-select and book calls
  3. No need to sell people on the call

Bonus: ETC content can be 'mined' to build further content to nurture your community.

Final Thoughts: Ideal Clients Are Intelligent People, Not Babies

Sounds obvious, but ideal clients are not average, or less than average.

They are ideal.

To attract ideal clients it makes sense to treat them so.

We insult our ideal prospects by treating them like they are average.

We show respect for our prospects when we allow them the grace to move at their own speed, to fill in their knowledge gaps as required.

As business owners, our job is to provide the raw information they’ll need to come to their own conclusions.

Nobody wants to be sold. People want to buy.

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